Cascadia Hotel


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the room rates?
Single occupancy – $600 TTD ($578 TTD special ends on December 31st 2022)
Double occupancy – $700 TTD ($678 TTD special ends on December 31st 2022)
Corner rooms (4 guests) – $1000
Breakfast included for every night booked
Do all rooms have balconies?

Yes! All of our rooms have balconies.

Where is Cascadia Hotel Located?

The hotel is located at 67 Ariapita Road, St. Ann’s, Trinidad and Tobago

What is the cost of pool passes?

The Cascadia Hotel pool is handled by Bush Mountain.
It is $45 TTD per person for a general pass. Kids 5 years and under are free, everyone 6 years and up pays the full $45 TTD.

What is the cost of private pool rentals?

Private rentals run from $2500 $5000. The low end being 4 hours during the week. Saturdays and Sundays are premium, full day Sunday is $5000.

Can you have wedding events at the pool?

Yes! You can have weddings and related events at the pool. Please contact (868) 235-4554 to book your event.

Can you play music at the pool?

You can play music at the pool, but speakers must fit in the palm of your hand, and the music must be OK for all generations with no cursing.

Are you allowed to decorate for events/parties at the pool?

You can decorate for parties. However you must remove all waste.

What is the contact information for Cascadia Hotel?

Call us at (868) 235-4554


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